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Sail Ties


Sail Ties is a line of nautical ties used in securing objects aboard sailboats.  These uniquely designed ties are constructed from high-quality ¼ inch shock cord, varnished hardwood toggles, and solid brass clamps. 

ST-1, ST-2, And ST-3 use a single line of shock cord.

ST-4 and ST-5 use a double line of shock cord.

STVP includes 2 ST-1, 4 ST-2, 3 ST-3, 1 ST-4 and a Ditty Bag.

STCA for booms up to 10 ft. Includes 2 ST-2, 2 ST-3, 1 ST-4 and 10FT of Cord.

STCB for booms up to 15 ft. Includes 1 ST-2, 2 ST-3, 2 ST-4, 1-ST-5 and 15FT of Cord.

Natural cotton Cord.